Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Music Video with Qtip and Mark Ronson

I had the great pleasure to dance in a video shoot on May 16th 2010 for Qtip and Mark Ronson in Los Angeles CA, thanks to a good friend of mine by the name of Randy Bernal aka WishOne! former jabbawockeez and one of the Original Members as well.

This was by far a fun and memorable day! First off I was on set for about 8 -9 hours chillen going over some routines that we had made up the day of the shoot! Haha talk about being unprepared. As the day went by we had to change outfit a few times cause they wanted us to look futuristic But it dint work out so we were stuck with black jeans and bright ass shirts with white jackets and hats! Overall the shoot went well.

I had a great time, our part was done quick and we stayed after to check out the rest of the shoot. During that time Q-tip was chillen and I went up to him and asked him if he was still a ZULU! He responded back “YEAH! Are you a zulu?” I was like YUP! So we kinda started chattin about that but we had to cut it short, he was still on the set about to shoot the next part. Towards the end of the night he was done with his part and he was about to leave. Randy and I decided to stop him real quick for a picture! His response was “ for sure! Anything for my Zulu Fam” I was like damn THAT’S ILL!! Hahahaahha We took the pic and went out side to chill as we ate some street tacos around the corner. This guy is mad chill!! Chatted some more and realized that I was talking to Q-TIP! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!............ Hahahaha. Anyway the shoot went well and everyone was happy, I ate my food and called it a night. Drove my ass home back to SD and was glad I had this great opportunity to be in this Video with Q-tip! YEEEEE!!!!!!! Till next time. PEACE!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Las Vegas TRIP!

What do you get when you have 5 guys celebrating 2 birthdays on a summer weekend in Vegas!!!!!!! FUN!!! and loads of RAGING! Hahahahah!!!!! Here is a short recap on what went down.

Saso and I decided to take a trip up to vegas with our boys Godoyski, Fresh Finesse and Whacko the weekend of our bday, mine was on july 9th and his on the 12th. So we decided to hit up Vegas!! Last time I recall being there was about 3 years ago for the magic show, when we were dancing for the jabbas. So it has been a minute! Another plus was there was a Top Rock battle in Vegas that weekend thrown by Mr. Wiggles and Ynot. Event was called Showdown in Sin City. So a weekend in Vegas with the boys and a Top Rock battle made it one of the best Vegas trips ever!!

Ended up crashing at one of our homies house in LV (thanks Roc). Hot as FUCK out there but what do you expect! Desert and summer uugghh! Friday was chill since we got in late but Vegas don’t sleep so we got some beers and kicked it and did some male bonding time, and kept chanting DUDES TRIP, DUDES TRIP!!! hahahaha

Aight so on Saturday we hit up the Buffet for brunch and ate like KINGS! We hit up this jam/show/whatever it was. All of us ended up being in the top 8 and battled it out on stage with Mr. Wiggles and Double T judging. Ynot dint show up because he is to cool to go to Vegas hahahah jk!!! He was caught up with some stuff so he dint attend. Anyway we all repped hard came in rockin our colors and ended up battling each other till the last 2. It ended up being whacko and i going at it. We did our thing and I was victorious YES!! Way to put the icing on my cake!! B day weekend and a 1st place plaque! DANG!

After the jam we decided to go celebrate and DRINK!! We hit up a place to eat and hooked up with our boy Cold Chris. This guy!....... that’s all I have to say!! We ended parting it up at the Artisan and then Studio 54 at the MGM! Cant give you to much info on how the night went but DAYYYYAM!!!! What a night!!!!!! ….. From people missing flights, to shit talking to back spinning on the MGM lobby to cougar’s, more drinks, FREE drinks, swingers party, WOW!! Ill leave the rest to your imagination!

To finish off our trip we decided to ride the roller coaster in Primm Valley. Fresh Finesse’s tradition when he leaves Vegas. So we rode that damn coaster and had a blast. Got the footage just for yall enjoy!! Fun times with the boys! Lets do it again!!
Till next trip we out!! PEACE!!!!!!


Saturday, June 12, 2010

July Fourth!!!

July Fourth is coming up!!! We are now partnering up with Hip Hop Congress San Diego to help produce the best Free Community hip hop event! Doin it in the Park is a yearly event that has happen for the last 6 years.

Check last Year's video

Doin it in the Park! 2008 break highlights

MADMike Logik | MySpace Video


man i have been sleeping on getting the posts up! Been to busy making things happen sometimes you forget that you need to get the word out! Good Communication is good when working a team and good communication with good team work equals smart business!!! Anyways, Breakin Habits is now producing events as well as peforming for them. This event here for YELP we put on a showcase with some pretty ill b-boys! Check the footie and check out Mikelogik's youtube profile, he is the project manager for Breakin Habits! watch for more videos coming soon!!! laters! - Breakin Habits!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Any words of advice for bboys of today’s generation?

Advice for new generation bboys? DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Learn about the culture and dance, knowledge is the 5th element of hip-hop, without knowledge you would not know what to do as a bboy, Dj, Graffiti artist or MC. Knowledge is power! The more you educate yourself the stronger you will be and you will set that pace for the next generation to come.

this is a quote from an interview Eddie did while in VA. for the entire interview click here....


Hiphop/Breakin Seminars with King Saso and Eddies Styles (USA) Date:20 June 2010

We are excited about this trip. for more info on this event and if you happen to speak greek....
go to

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gag Reel!

Coming out to PA in May!

We are excited to be a part of this event!!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Goodfoot Signature Tee

The Goodfoot Signature Tee. Rock'em with your Pro-Keds
Goodfoot Signature

Goodfoot Tees

For all of you Sneaker Freaks...the Goodfoot My Kicks Are Golden Tee. Limited Run...Get'em while they're HOT!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Breakin Habits Tee

Get'em while they are still warm...Fresh Off The Press! Breakin Habits T-Shirts are 100% Cotton, come in Red, and are pressed with a front hit, as well as a signature combo Goodfoot and Breakin Habits hit on the back. Support our movement by purchasing them while they are still available. $19.95 + $4.95 Shipping (US). Outside of the U.S. contact us.

Breakin Habits Tee

Monday, February 8, 2010

New Video!!!

Here are the guys in Oceanside teaching a class. Special Guest Randy!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

The one and only ..... Eddie Styles

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